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The World's #1 Latin Singles Vacations and Travel Agency to Meet Beautiful Single Latin Women.
TLC is the originator, not an imitator. Our format has been copied by others, but the results have never been duplicated.

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Singles Vacations - #1 Singles Vacations Singles Travel and Singles Vacations dating agency to meet single Latin women
Singles Vacations - #1 Singles Vacations Singles Travel and Singles Vacations dating agency to meet single Latin women
Singles Vacations - #1 Singles Vacations Singles Travel and Singles Vacations dating agency to meet single Latin women

TLC's Renowned Singles Vacations Itinerary:
(No other company can introduce you to more single Latin women in a six day getaway.)

Singles Vacations to meet 300 -1000 single latin women on our singles VacationsSingles Vacations - DAY 1 - Thursday - Depart from Miami or Houston. T.L.C. will attempt to meet the main flight at the airport of each tour site to provide ground transportation to the hotel which is always one of the nicest hotels in the entire city. Later that evening we may visit a nightclub or dine out. This first evening will give you a chance to see local sights or relax.

singles vacations to meet single latin women.Singles Vacations - DAY 2 - Friday - We have a team meeting in the morning explaining the daily singles Vacations itinerary and answering any questions about the upcoming events. Later, the group enjoys general sight-seeing. It gives them a chance to visit different stores, see the city, and form friendships. That evening, our FIRST Grand Social Event includes socializing, snacks, refreshments, music, dancing, and a video/photo session for the ladies. Hundreds of ladies are invited each evening and typically 200 - 450 Latinas attend. Normally there are 8 - 10 ladies for every (1) man in attendance at our vacation tours!

Singles Vacations - DAY 3 - Saturday - SECOND Grand Social Event. Same schedule as Friday, but with hundreds of all new different ladies in attendance. Note: Engagements or marriage proposals are not recommended at our Friday or Saturday social mixers. Wait at least 24 hours.

Singles vacations to meet single latin womenSingles Vacations - DAY 4 - Sunday - Midday pool party, brunch, BBQ or beach trip. Ground transportation is provided for this event, and there will be specially selected ladies in attendance (by invitation only). Special note: You will be permitted to invite one lady of your choice. In addition, we anticipate many Single Ladies from our Social Events will join us at this event.

Singles Vacations - DAY 5 - Monday - Free day of relaxation and socializing, sightseeing, visiting night clubs and spending time with the ladies you met the previous three days.

Singles Vacations to meet a special single latin woman on our singles vacationsSingles Vacations - DAY 6 - Tuesday - Departure Day. Most gentlemen leave on this day. Make arrangements to give your farewells the night before or in the morning. We suggest that you confirm your flight with the appropriate carrier approximately 48 hours prior to departure, and check in at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight time. There are numerous restaurants and stores are located in the airport terminal. Many clients stay extra days to date the ladies they've met at our social events.


Singles Vacations - Worlds Best Singles Vacations to meet Single Latin women


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